The Science of Reading 101 Membership

is designed to help you learn about and easily incorporate research-based practices into your reading instruction! 

When I first started learning about the Science of Reading, I felt overwhelmed trying to find information and once I found information, I was stressed out trying to figure out if it was actually aligned with the science or not.

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone! That is why I decided to create the Science of Reading 101 Membership



  • having 24/7 access to bite-sized information that actually makes sense
  • having access to a growing PD library & LIVE events
  • getting access to over 1,000 pages of low-prep materials
  • having confidence that everything is truly aligned to the science

This membership is for you if you

  • have heard of the science of reading but are not really sure what it is
  • are overwhelmed by all of the information out there and not sure where to start
  • feel like what you are doing is not working but not sure what else to try
  • have struggling readers and not sure how to help them
  • know about the science of reading but need help implementing strategies in your classroom
  • are a homeschooling parent and not sure where to start with helping your child learn how to read
  • want ongoing, practical guidance in learning more about the science of reading

If you said YES to any of these options, this membership is for you!


The Science of Reading 101 Membership will help you..

Feel Confident.

Teaching your students using research-based practices. Changing everything we know can be scary.  I am here to make your transition more comfortable!

Save Money.

As of now, you will get access to absolutely everything in my TpT Store/website and everything I create in the future. You will also have bite-sized PD at your fingertips!

Save Time.

I have done the research so you don’t have to! The answers to all of your questions will be in one place and you won’t have to spend hours searching the internet for resources.

What is included in your membership?

my clients

 LIVE PD Events with Guest Speakers

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A Growing Library of Bite-Sized PD

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Member's Only Exclusives

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Community & Support

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Access to thousands of pages of activities aligned to research

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Early access to new resources

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Monthly Challenges & Giveaways


The best part is that I will be right there with you on this journey.

This membership is designed to provide you with information and support first, resources second.

This membership is for you if:

  • You are new to the science of reading and want to learn more without spending time searching through resources and research
  • You want access to resources aligned with the science of reading and want guidance on how & when to use them
  • You are overwhelmed with all the information and just don’t know where to start

This membership is not for you if:

  • You are already a pro in the science of reading
  • You teach phonemic awareness, phonics, and high frequency words with confidence
  • You are knowledgeable about sound-symbol correspondence and the spelling rules of the English language
  • You have been using science-based practices in your classroom and are comfortable doing so

Does this membership sound right for you?

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Monthly Affordable Option

  • Access the member's PD Library, FB Group, and more!

  •  You will have immediate access to all current and future resources as long as your membership is active.

  • Cancel anytime. No contracts.

Check with your school or district for reimbursement or funding!

Best Value



  • Get 2 months free with this option!

  •  You will have immediate access to all current and future resources for just $0.55 a day (or about $3.80 a week)!

  • Cancel anytime. No contracts.

(The current value of my resources alone is over $300 and growing! Plus this membership gives you so much more!) 


Hi, I’m Heidi.

I am a teacher who used balanced literacy for 10 years before accidentally finding out about the Science of Reading. I have gone through stages of anger, guilt, and hope (still do) in realizing that what I had been doing was wrong. But, it wasn’t my fault and it’s not yours either! After hearing about the science, I started researching and attended multiple trainings including LETRS & IMSE. I continue to learn and grow and want to help you do the same!

What people are saying



I took a course with Heidi and it was one of the most valuable courses I have taken while on my Science of Reading journey. We met monthly to talk about new knowledge gained as well as allowed the members to lead our meetings by checking in with us and talking about issues we were facing at our schools/districts. She provided feedback, knowledge, and support. It was exactly what I needed as I was learning about SOR and professionally was in a new position in my district. She has continued to support me even after the course has ended. Heidi is the sweetest and most down-to-earth person. She is passionate about sharing knowledge and helping teachers help students. She is my favorite SOR person!

Jackie Flores


As a previous public school teacher turned homeschool mom I began our kindergarten year providing my child with a reading program using strategies that were engrained in my mind. Guess what? It wasn’t working! My child is a child of reason and was not satisfied with memorizing and wanted to know the why behind it all. This took me down the road of researching, days turned to weeks! It’s as if the algorithm knew when I came across Heidi’s page. My mind was blown, finally, someone advocating the science behind reading, providing strategies to help build the foundation for our children. I thank her a million times over for sharing her knowledge, my now 1st grade daughter is a confident reader because she has the tools, reading is a joy not a task and I know this is possible because of resources Heidi shared that made me do a complete 180.




Learning from Heidi has hugely impacted my reading instruction! As a third-year teacher, I was lacking confidence and knowledge in how to teach my students how to read. After taking her professional development over the summer, I jumped right in by purchasing her word mapping and decidable bundles. I have seen tons of growth for my students and myself. I know I am doing research-based instruction. I am thankful that Heidi has taken the time and energy to create research-based resources and trainings!



Elizabeth H.


Heidi has been such a valuable resource as I've learned about the Science of Reading!  As a reading interventionist, I have changed the way I approach instruction because of things I've learned from her about phonemic awareness and mapping sight words.  This has allowed students to make amazing growth!  Whenever I'm in need of a new resource I always check out what she has first because I know it will be high-quality and easy to implement.  I'm so grateful to her for sharing her knowledge and creating materials to use with students!



Heidi is an amazing source of knowledge about the science of reading! She knows her stuff and shares so generously with the teacher community on social media. The attention to detail in both the resources she creates and the content she shares should make any teacher feel confident that they’re getting up-to-date information related to the science of reading. Newbies and veterans are guaranteed to learn something from Heidi that they can bring back to their own classroom!


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